Please read over the following updated guidelines and then, at the bottom of this page, re-confirm your market registration or select to opt out and receive a refund of your vendor application fee:

Updated and Revised Farmers Market Ogden Vendor Guidelines in Accordance to CDC and UDAF Policies

About us

Farmers Market Ogden is managed and produced by the Ogden Downtown Alliance, a 501(C)3 nonprofit organization. Farmers Market Ogden strives to provide awareness of, and access to, local agriculture while utilizing vendors, musicians, artists, and community partners to create an inclusionary culture of urban arts and community engagement. The Farmers Market Ogden series acts as a community drawing board for urban development and reflects a large economic impact annually.

Vendors permitted to participate in Farmers Market Ogden include:

  • Farmers/Growers – Products sold must be grown and harvested on the vendor’s owned or leased property. NO SAMPLING IS PERMITTED.
  • Ranchers – Products sold must meet Utah Department of Agriculture and USDA regulations. NO SAMPLING IS PERMITTED.
  • Preserves – All preserves (jam, salsa, syrups, etc.) must be prepared and, if applicable, packaged in a commercial or cottage kitchen that has been inspected and approved by the Utah Department of Agriculture. NO SAMPLING IS PERMITTED.
  • Packaged Foods – All packed food must be prepared and packaged in a commercial or cottage kitchen that has been inspected and approved by the Utah Department of Agriculture. NO SAMPLING IS PERMITTED.

Absolutely NO ONSITE PREPARATION is allowed. All goods must be packaged, if applicable, offsite, and be ready to sell pre-packed.

We do not accept multi-level marketing companies or resale items of any kind. All vendors must sell products made, grown, harvested, or raised by the vendor or their staff.

Vendor Participation

All vendors must understand their commitment to vend each week they have signed up for (see Fee Structure and Fines for more information regarding absences).

  • Full Season– Vendors who choose to participate in the entire 13 week season must participate in online registration and are subject to the adjudication process outlined below. Their vendor fee is due in full at the time of acceptance, and they will receive a designated spot for the duration of the market. 
  • Weekly (Summer Market Only) – Weekly vendors will register online using the same application as full season vendors and are subject to the adjudication process outlined below. Vendors must select the day(s) they would like to vend and pay their vendor fee in full at the time of acceptance. Weekly vendors do not receive a designated spot to vend and will be assigned a different spot per week attending. If there is a request to switch a selected Saturday for a different week a request must be submitted 2 weeks in advance and will be reviewed by market staff.

Please note: Electricity will not be available!

Fee Structure and Fines

The vendor application fee is not incorporated into the vendor booth fee for the market. The vendor application fee is required at the time of application and the vendor booth fee is required when accepted into the market. Both fees are nonrefundable and will not be refunded or pro-rated at any time for any reason.

Vendors who have not made their vendor booth payment will not be admitted to vend during the market and will be charged a late fee (see Fines). Each accepted vendor is responsible for the booth fee of their business, and cannot split, share, or pro-rate their fee to any additional vendors.

Summer Market Fees

  • Registration Fee: $35
  • Full Season Vendor Fee: $230 Produce – $455 Artisan/Other
  • Weekly Vendor Fee: $35 Produce – $45 Artisan/Other


All fines will be delivered in the form of an invoice and must be paid before vending the next week. Vendors who do not pay their fines will not be permitted to vend.

  • Vendor booth payment late fee – $15/week
  • Failure to notify Market Manager of absence 72 hours before that weeks market – $50
  • Driving the wrong way down the street for loading and unloading – $25
  • Unapproved driving on the street during market hours of operation – $25
  • Failure to be set up and ready to operate at market opening time – $35
  • Take down of booth space prior to market closing time – $35
  • Failure to leave booth space clean – $25
  • Use of permanent trash bins – $25
  • Reselling – $50 first offense, suspension second offense, expulsion from market third offense

Vendor Responsibilities and Disclaimers

Vendors may only display and sell those items described in their original application. Changes to saleable items and any activities are to be approved by the market management team in advance. Failure to receive such approval may result in removal from the market, without refund.

All accepted grocery vendors are required by the market to be permitted by the Ogden-Weber Health Department and/or the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food prior to participation in the market. Obtained certificates must be visibly displayed at the vendors booth. Please remember, NO SAMPLING IS PERMITTED.

Vendors are responsible for their own garbage and for keeping their area clear of debris throughout the market day. Vendors must clean up their selling spaces at the end of each day, this includes all paper, liquid, waste, etc., which must be thrown into the appropriate green garbage or blue recycle bins provided by the market staff. If a vendor throws their garbage into one of the permanent black garbage bins on the street they are subject to a fine as it requires additional labor hours to remove the overflowing trash from the permanent bins  (see Fines). 

Vendors assume full responsibility for the products they market and sell. Ogden Downtown Alliance, their staffs, sponsors, and affiliates will be held harmless against any claim of injury or damage by any buyer, seller, or other persons resulting from the use, consumption, display, or marketing of vendors’ products. 

Vendors are responsible to provide their own table, chairs, and shade/canopy. Canopies must be secured by a weight system that provides 25lbs per leg. Selected vendors will receive a 10’x10’ space within which to display their goods. All displays/booths must stay within the designated space. No signage is permitted in walkways. Failure to comply with placement may result in additional fees and/or expulsion from the market, at the sole discretion of the market staff.

Vendors who sell bread, packaged food, preserves, fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, poultry, seeds, and dairy products are required to participate in the SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) and DUFB (Double Up Food Bucks) program. Vendors will be reimbursed for all SNAP and DUFB tokens received as payment for goods via check the week after they are turned into the Information Booth. Both wood and green tokens are worth $1. Vendors are not allowed to spend tokens received for other vendors’ products.

A Special Event Temporary Business License from Ogden City is required for all vendors.  The business license fee is collected as part of the registration fee and will be paid to the city on your behalf.  

There are two options for this required license: 

  • Weekly license per day – $5.00 daily rate. A new license is required for each day that you participate.
  • Full season license – $25.00 for full market vendors. Nonprofits are the same rate, regardless of selling or not selling items. 

Vendors are required to understand and follow all local, city, state, and federal laws and

regulations. All required sales tax collections and remittances are the sole responsibility of the


On-Site Procedures

Selected vendors will receive a detailed information packet including booth number (for full season vendors only), map, market guidelines, market procedures, and a temporary tax ID number. Market procedures will be given to vendors that are specific to the market they are participating in before the market starts. It is the responsibility of the vendor to ensure that all staff members are aware of, and abide by, these guidelines and procedures.

Farmers Market Ogden staff has the authority to move and reassign vendor spots to enhance or facilitate market operations at our sole legal discretion. Farmers Market Ogden also has the authority to remove any vendor for any reason at any time, with or without prior notice and without a refund of their vendor fee.

Vendors are required to notify either by email or phone 72 hours in advance if they will not be attending the market. If proper notice is not given a fine will be issued (see Fines). Non-compliance or repeated absences without proper notice may result in forfeiture of the vendors assigned spot and could result in denied participation at future markets.

Vendors are required to stay for the duration of the market. Load in to begin at 7 am and teardown to begin at 2:00 pm, with all vendors to be completely removed from the venue no later than 2:45 pm. Vendors will not be allowed to leave prior to the teardown time for any reason and are expected to have made arrangements to accommodate this in advance. Vendors who set up late or begin tearing down early will be fined (see Fines).

Farmers Market Ogden is a rain or shine event and will operate regardless of weather.

COVID-19 Specific Policy and Guidelines

Market Mapping & Logistics

  • Farmers Market Ogden shall not have any form of entertainment, demonstrations, activities or seating in order to eliminate congregation
  • A separate entrance and exit will be put in place on each block of the market to create a linear flow of pedestrian traffic 
  • An information booth will be placed at the entrance of the market to ensure sanitary and distancing guidelines are being followed
  • If at any time the Market Manager believes the market has too many shoppers on site to maintain social distancing, market entry and exit will be limited and tracked. A maximum of 600 participants are allowed into the market at one time.
  • Marked waiting positions to enter the farmers market with a 6’ social distance will be provided
  • Designated vendor booth spaces will be placed 10ft apart 


  • Signage will be provided at each public entrance to inform all staff and customers that they should:
    • Avoid entering if they have a cough, fever, or feel generally unwell
    • Maintain a minimum of 6ft distance
    • Sneeze/cough into a cloth or tissue, followed by immediate proper handwashing
    • Not shake hands or engage in any unnecessary physical contact
    • Wear face coverings
  • Signage and markings will be used to maintain 6ft controls throughout the market
  • Waiting areas for sanitization stations, restrooms, purchase collection or for other purposes will be clearly marked to maintain distancing and grouping

Staff Protection

  • All staff are encouraged to self-monitor for illness before coming to work each day, including checking their temperature and screening for symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Anyone who develops symptoms while at work should be immediately separated from other staff members and customers immediately and sent home. 
    • Areas the sick staff member contacted will immediately be clean and disinfected 
  • If a staff member is confirmed to have COVID-19, the Market Manager will inform fellow staff members while maintaining confidentiality, and all fellow staff members should self-monitor for symptoms of COVID19 for 14 days under health department guidance
  • Staff who have been asked to isolate or quarantine from coming into work until given health department clearance
  • Hand washing and/or hand sanitizing upon entry into the market is required for all staff
  • Staff shall thoroughly wash and scrub hands with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds on a frequent basis
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is required for all staff members and will be provided by the Market Manager
  • PPE should not be shared and should be used and disposed of properly
  • After using gloves, staff members should properly dispose of gloves and wash their hands
  • Staff should sanitize hands and equipment between handling payments and between each transaction
  • All staff should avoid touching their eyes, nose, or mouth
  • Staff should avoid sharing food or personal items

Sanitation & Patron Protection

  • Staff dedicated to monitoring and controlling sanitary and distancing guidelines
  • Staff dedicated to cleaning and disinfect all “high-touch” surfaces before and during the market
  • A washing station will be provided at all entrance and exits
  • Farmers Market Ogden will encourage shoppers to wear face masks 
  • Only one shopper per household to attend the market will be recommended however, families and immediate household members shopping together can be closer than 6 feet. Parents should keep children closer than 6 feet at all times.
  • If a vendor accepts credit card, please pay with this option. For cash transactions, please try to pay with exact change. If change is needed, please exchange currency on the table or counter to avoid contact with the vendor.
  • Equipment and locations will be adequately cleaned between transactions when facilitating our nutrition incentive programs (i.e. SNAP, Double-up Food Bucks)

Vendor Protection & Guidelines

  • All vendors and their staff are required to wear gloves and masks
  • All products and goods may only be handled by vendors and their staff. Customers may not handle or come into close contact with products they have not purchased. 
    • Establish “display” products, or keep customers six (6) feet away from product at all time, using a barrier, such as rope tied from one leg of your booth to the other. 
    • Pre-package products for “Grab and Go” purchasing, must be handled by booth staff, not customers.
  • Vendors selling fresh produce may only sell whole, uncut produce – no sampling
  • Vendors should encourage “tap” or contactless payment options when possible 
  • If contactless payment is not possible, vendors must change or sanitize gloves and point-of-sale equipment between transactions 
  • It is strongly advised that vendors have separate staff members who handle money and products, to prevent cross contamination. When this is not possible, constant hand washing/sanitizing, and changing gloves is required. Those who collect money must not handle food items.
  • Limit 1-2 customers (from the same household) making a transaction at your booth at one time
  • Bag products in your own bags – avoid handling reusable bags, provided by customers
  • Vendors must indicate where to form lines and 6ft waiting points using chalk or cones.
  • It is recommended that all vendors set up a handwashing station or hand sanitizer bottles for staff at your booth 
  • The market will provide you with signs informing customers not to touch products, and to maintain six feet of space

Why it’s important

We want everyone, including our vendors, to have the most enjoyable and successful market season possible while staying safe and healthy. We truly believe that vendors are the most important part of the market and these guidelines help ensure that we are being fair to all of our vendors in maintaining a high-quality market.

We look forward to a successful season with you!

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